How To Guide Boys In Their Interests

Helping boys discover (and engage in) their interests is one way we can address the fact that boys’ needs are often overlooked or ignored in modern society. But how do we as parents do this? Here are a few ideas you can use to guide your children to explore the things that make them curious […]

Vacation Ideas That Will Appeal To Teens

Traveling as a family can be a really fun and rewarding experience as you get to spend uninterrupted time together. And with the busy lives we all normally lead, a trip gives you a chance to  relax, do some fun activities, and spend some quality time together. But the truth is that you want to […]

Fishing: The Ultimate Combination Of Bonding And Education

Finding ways to bond with your son and to grow those family connections is essential for maintaining good communication all throughout their life. Fishing is something of a family trope, but it does have significant value in growing those bonds. What’s more, it can be an educational experience that helps your son develop all kinds […]

What Are Your Boys Into?

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Ever notice how certain obsessions come and go? For awhile, Boy #2 was obsessed with dinosaurs. Then he switched to butterflies. (Go figure.) Some days, the Tonka trucks are in style. Other days, they’re not. The latest obsessions at my house are Lincoln logs, sand and water. Let me explain. The Lincoln logs are just, […]

Snapshot Sunday: My Fish!

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I am not much of an angler. Boy #1, however, is a fishing fanactic — and a pretty talented one at that. This summer he guided me to my very first Northern pike.

Now THIS Is Love

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A couple months ago, I blogged about showing love. I’d asked Boy #1 how he knows his Mom loves him and his answer was, “Because she takes me fishing.” I thought of that at 6:15 this morning as I sped across a lake, cool — no, make that cold — mist spraying in my face. […]

Snapshot Sunday: In Honor of all the Dads

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This pic, to me, is what Dads are all about. You can’t really see my husband — he’s more of a background-guy here than anything else — but that smile and that fish? All because of him. Dads often toil in the background, doing the life equivalent of setting up the line, finding the perfect […]