Teaching Boys Financial Responsibility From A Young Age

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Teaching young boys about money is so important, but a lot of parents put it off until it’s too late. Eventually, your boys are going to leave home and they will have to manage their own finances. If you haven’t taught them how to do that, they can quickly end up in trouble. But if […]


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It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? First, life got busy, then blogging got hard. You know how it’s hard to go back to the gym when you’ve been away awhile? Seems blogging is like that too! But tonight, my Mom and Dad returned from their winter home in Arizona. They’re back home — and I’m back, […]

Dollars and Cents

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A 2010 headline claimed that boys are better savers than girls. What do you think? It’s an intriguing topic, partly because of the possible stereotypical implications: Boys are good with money. Girls go out and spend it. I think there’s more to the story. The gender gap still exists, with females, on average, earning less […]