Be There For The Big Moments in Your Boy’s Life

Image by Art Skoo from Pixabay  One of the most important things you can do for your son is be there for the big moments.  Milestones are important to all children, but boys and girls may have different priorities and things that they deem significant in their lives. As a parent, you can reinforce the […]

How Parenting Teenage Boys Prepared Me for a Pandemic

None of us expected this pandemic, save maybe a few epidemiologists and public health experts who “expected” it in the same way we all “expect” to die, which is to say that we know it will happen, but we have no idea when or how or what it will feel like. Three months or so […]

The Power Of Father-Son Bonding

  If you are a father to any young boys, then there is something that you are probably keen to try and master as well as you can: the bonding process with your son. The father-son bond is an incredibly important thing to nurture, in that it provides many great benefits for the kid while […]

Age 16 & Learning to Let Go

Getting his license was the easy part. Standing back and figuring out how to when to step in and when to step back…THAT was  — is — the hard part. Isn’t that the hard part of parenting, in general? Maybe that’s why I found the baby years easy. When you have an infant who needs […]

4 Activities For Sons & Fathers To Bond

Pexels The best way to raise a strong son is to give him plenty of contact with a strong father. Mothers can of course teach sons to grow extremely well, but  there is no substitute for a father and his guidance. Many people might take offense to this, but this fact doesn’t suggest that mothers […]

Orienting Your Boy’s Priorities During The Teenage Years

Pexels   Boys can be distracted quite easily, due to their exploratory mindset and drive to find the next adventure. This tendency is excellent in their youth, but  must be tempered by a sense of orientation. Helping them plan their priorities as they come of age to understand them can help tremendously with their development. […]

A New Podcast About Raising & Educating Boys

  On Boys: Real Talk about Parenting, Teaching and Reaching Tomorrow’s Men is live TODAY! If you’ve ever wondered, why do boys DO that?,  this is the podcast for you. My co-host, Janet Allison, and I have spent the past three months planning and building this podcast. We’re already talked about helping boys deal with […]

What Children Remember From Childhood Parties

  Pexels Children’s parties are wonderful.  They shows your child that he is important and worthy of celebration. Parties can be a great excuse for a social event, inviting friendly children from their class to come and have fun during the day. It’s a great way to meet the parents and even make friends yourself. […]

Why You Need to Stop Focusing on Your Boys’ Bickering

“What you focus on, you create more of, and if you keep expecting people to annoy you they will not let you down.” — Jen Sincero, in You Are a Badass: How to Stop Starting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life I’ve been thinking about boys and bickering a lot lately. It’s a constant […]

How to Be a More Positive Parent

I really want to be a positive parent — the kind of parent whose home is marked by peace and harmony more than discord and chaos. The kind of parent who respects her children and leads them with a quiet calm, as opposed to the kind of parent who barks out orders. But real life […]