Encouraging Emotional Intelligence in Boys

Do you know what emotional intelligence is and why it’s important? Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and respond to emotions (yours, and others’) in healthy, productive ways. You’ve likely already noticed both high and low levels of emotional intelligence in action. Think about it: the friend who started ranting the minute a fellow […]

Tips on Dealing with Anger — from a 7-yr-old Boy

If you have kids, you’ve gotten angry. Felt frustrated. And quite probably yelled at your kids. (More than once.) Photo by isforinsects via Flickr If you’re an enlightened parent, the kind who is always striving to do better, who is working hard to raise kids who are kind and compassionate, you’re probably felt guilty about […]

Raising Resilient Boys

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It all started because I had the wrong breakfast cereal. No, back that up. It started because I didn’t wake the boys up early. Actually, it started the night before, when Boy #1 noticed that our van’s front passenger tire was saying, “Psssssssssst.” The tire clearly had a leak. And given the consistency of the […]

Boys Don’t Want to Discuss Problems

Did you see the study that examined boys’ and girls’ thoughts and opinions regarding problem sharing? The first line of a related news article elicited a strong, “No duh!” response from me. Check it out: “A new University of Missouri study finds that boys feel that discussing problems is a waste of time.” As a […]

The Marinette Shooting and the Culture of Fear

The headline last night — “Armed student reportedly holding high school classroom hostage in Wisconsin” — took my breath away. I live in Wisconsin. And I still desperately want to believe that things like that don’t happen in Wisconsin. But they do. As you now know, a 15-year-old male student held about two dozen students […]

Teens and Mental Illness

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How do you know when your son’s behavior crosses the line from typical teen to troubled? When — and how — should you intervene? This Wall Street Journal article has some answers. Have you ever dealt with a depressed teen? What have your experiences been with boys and the mental health system?

The Boys Are All Right

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My boys will tear each other to shreds over the simplest things. Lest you think I jest, I overheard one boy blasting another today because the one picked up a scrap of wood the other had just discarded. So it really wasn’t surprising to find Boy #3 in tears after he broke his brother’s bike. […]

Childhood Depression

Could your son be depressed? My good friend and fellow blogger, Sarah E. Ludwig, has a terrific article about childhood depression in Parenting magazine. Among her points: Childhood depression is more common than you may think. 1 in 20 children and teens are clinically depressed. Depression is often masked by other issues. ADHD, anxiety and […]

Gifted = MORE

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The issues that concern me have more to do with emotions and balance. My son is often highly-intense,easily frustrated, and negative. Sound like anyone at your house? The above comment, from a mom of boys, reminded me of my oldest son — and of a workshop I’ve attended not once, but twice. The workshop was […]