Be There For The Big Moments in Your Boy’s Life

Image by Art Skoo from Pixabay  One of the most important things you can do for your son is be there for the big moments.  Milestones are important to all children, but boys and girls may have different priorities and things that they deem significant in their lives. As a parent, you can reinforce the […]

Talking About Coronavirus

How are you talking about coronavirus with your kids? I was prepared (mostly) for the sex talk. (Lots of sex talks.) And we’ve had lots of conversations about drinking, drugs, vaping, relationships, respect and a zillion other things. I hadn’t given any thought to how I’d discuss an infectious, emerging global pandemic, though. Yes, health […]

Reasons Why Your Son Might Be Behaving Badly At School

Angry boy in red shirt

(flickr) It’s the moment every parent dreads. The phone rings or a letter drops into the mailbox, and it’s news from the school that their child is behaving badly at school. In less extreme cases, the parent might be notified of their child’s upcoming detention, and they might be asked to meet with the class […]

The Power Of Father-Son Bonding

  If you are a father to any young boys, then there is something that you are probably keen to try and master as well as you can: the bonding process with your son. The father-son bond is an incredibly important thing to nurture, in that it provides many great benefits for the kid while […]

Coax Your Shy Boy Out Of His Shell

If your son prefers to hide in another room when you have company – such as when you’re receiving friends or when a distant family member he doesn’t know well is visiting – it’s fair to say that he may be shy. Being shy is not a bad thing, but as a parent, it’s essential […]

3 Tragic Consequences Of Telling Boys To “Man Up”

Much has been said about how damaging it is to live in a culture which tells boys and young men to “man up“. By continuing to use this kind of language, we unwittingly perpetuate the myth that not only is “manning up” preferable, but that it’s not good to show any signs of weakness or […]

Boys And Breakups: A Guide For All Mothers

Girls tend to get all of the attention when it comes to dating. It’s not because they are better than boys, although some people think that to be the case. For the most part, it stems from the fact that girls have a lot to deal with, such as peer pressure and sexual abuse. The […]

Helping Boys Develop Emotional Intelligence

I was teaching primary school when I first realized that boys need extra support to develop their emotional intelligence. At the time, most of my students were from non-English speaking backgrounds. The boys would often return to class from breaks, upset and overwhelmed by emotionally charged playground experiences. Often these incidents impacted the boys’ abilities […]

Social-Emotional Strategies for School Success

Social-emotional competency is key to school success, but doesn’t come naturally to a lot of boys. In my book, The Elementary and Middle School Student-Friendly Handbook to Navigating Success, I detail eight strategies students can use to handle stressors and prevent bullying — as well as dozens more tips students can use to increase school […]