Tips For Raising Healthy & Happy Boys

2 boys sitting on green grass looking at a book

Pexels Raising boys isn’t always easy, but it’s one of the most gratifying jobs in the world. You love your son or sons and want to see them succeed. The good news is that there are steps and actions you can take to help ensure your boys grow up to be healthy and happy in […]

The Everyday Challenges of Raising Boys

Jennifer L.W. Fink, Janet Allison & Michael C. Reichert hold up copies of the book How to Raise a Boy

The hardest thing about raising boys, in my opinion, is dealing with the myriad challenges that present themselves every. single. day. I’ve been parenting boys for more than two decades now and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not presented with some situation that I don’t quite know how to handle. My […]

Reasons Why Your Son Might Be Behaving Badly At School

Angry boy in red shirt

(flickr) It’s the moment every parent dreads. The phone rings or a letter drops into the mailbox, and it’s news from the school that their child is behaving badly at school. In less extreme cases, the parent might be notified of their child’s upcoming detention, and they might be asked to meet with the class […]

Top Posts of 2018

2018 was an interesting year. The #MeToo movement gained strength, bringing discussions of sexual harassment and assault into national conversation. Famous men fell from their perches, and subsequently, a whole lot of us started talking about how to raise good, decent boys. More than 300 mass shootings occurred here in the U.S. — including massacres […]

How To Embrace The Activities Your Boys Want To Do   When you’re a parent of boys, life is never dull. There’s always a lot of energy in the air. Sure, all kids can be full of beans, but you will find that a lot of boys tend to need to really let off steam. They’ll often be quite active, and need to really […]

3 Good Ways to Boost Your Boy’s Confidence

Image via Pixabay Raising boys can be difficult at the best of times. They’re typically noisy, boisterous, and highly likely to track mud all over the inside of the house. They scuffle and fight with each other, take silly risks, and can keep you up at all hours of the day and night. But none […]

Teaching Consent to a 12-Year-Old Boy

The word “consent” has crept to the forefront of national conversation lately, thanks to the #MeToo movement and allegation after allegation after allegation of inappropriate behavior by famous (and not-so-famous) men. Even God, a.k.a, Morgan Freeman, has now been accused of sexual harassment. None of this was on my mind when I received an email […]

Orienting Your Boy’s Priorities During The Teenage Years

Pexels   Boys can be distracted quite easily, due to their exploratory mindset and drive to find the next adventure. This tendency is excellent in their youth, but  must be tempered by a sense of orientation. Helping them plan their priorities as they come of age to understand them can help tremendously with their development. […]

In Praise of the Class Clown

Like all good students, I learned that the “class clown” is a bad kid, a kid who doesn’t take school seriously and is definitely not destined for success. Then I had four sons. I began to see the many ways institutional education stifles boys’ natural inclinations toward exploration, and the many ways in which boys […]

A New Podcast About Raising & Educating Boys

  On Boys: Real Talk about Parenting, Teaching and Reaching Tomorrow’s Men is live TODAY! If you’ve ever wondered, why do boys DO that?,  this is the podcast for you. My co-host, Janet Allison, and I have spent the past three months planning and building this podcast. We’re already talked about helping boys deal with […]