Be There For The Big Moments in Your Boy’s Life

Image by Art Skoo from Pixabay  One of the most important things you can do for your son is be there for the big moments.  Milestones are important to all children, but boys and girls may have different priorities and things that they deem significant in their lives. As a parent, you can reinforce the […]

The Everyday Challenges of Raising Boys

Jennifer L.W. Fink, Janet Allison & Michael C. Reichert hold up copies of the book How to Raise a Boy

The hardest thing about raising boys, in my opinion, is dealing with the myriad challenges that present themselves every. single. day. I’ve been parenting boys for more than two decades now and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not presented with some situation that I don’t quite know how to handle. My […]

Top Posts of 2018

2018 was an interesting year. The #MeToo movement gained strength, bringing discussions of sexual harassment and assault into national conversation. Famous men fell from their perches, and subsequently, a whole lot of us started talking about how to raise good, decent boys. More than 300 mass shootings occurred here in the U.S. — including massacres […]

3 Good Ways to Boost Your Boy’s Confidence

Image via Pixabay Raising boys can be difficult at the best of times. They’re typically noisy, boisterous, and highly likely to track mud all over the inside of the house. They scuffle and fight with each other, take silly risks, and can keep you up at all hours of the day and night. But none […]

3 Essentials for Nurturing Your Boys’ Passion for Sports

As a parent to boys, you will have to deal with changing tastes and interests, but one thing is likely: sports will play a role at some point. So many boys have a passion for all different kinds of sports, and this passion could develop into something much greater. As a parent, you have to […]

Coax Your Shy Boy Out Of His Shell

If your son prefers to hide in another room when you have company – such as when you’re receiving friends or when a distant family member he doesn’t know well is visiting – it’s fair to say that he may be shy. Being shy is not a bad thing, but as a parent, it’s essential […]

Confidence Is Fragile, Help Your Child’s Get Stronger

Psychologists have demonstrated that many of the insecurities that adults face are actually the result of your experience as a child. Children who have not been able to develop their self-confidence grow into anxious adults who often struggle with self-esteem issues. However, as a parent, it’s fair to say that you can’t be monitoring your […]

3 Tragic Consequences Of Telling Boys To “Man Up”

Much has been said about how damaging it is to live in a culture which tells boys and young men to “man up“. By continuing to use this kind of language, we unwittingly perpetuate the myth that not only is “manning up” preferable, but that it’s not good to show any signs of weakness or […]

Giving Your Boy The Best Chance Of Being A Healthy Man

Health is something we tend to think about only when we don’t feel 100 percent, or when we get older and the chances of developing illnesses increases. The truth of the matter is that it’s never too early to talk about and think about health and well-being. If you have a son, you want him […]

Don’t Succumb to Fear

To a certain extent, being a parent today means living in a state of perpetual fear. We worry about our children’s well-being. We see and hear news stories about kidnappings and murders and sick children, and we hope and pray that nothing that terrible ever happens to our children, while also knowing that there’s next-to-nothing we […]