ON BOYS: August 2020

We covered a lot of ground on ON BOYS parenting podcast in August: Back-to-school (pandemic-style!) How (& why) to start a boys’ book club Encouraging boys’ interests, no matter what they are Raising boys who become good men If you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe to ON BOYS so you don’t miss an episode!  […]

Yes, Boys Can Dance

boy dancing tango with girl

It’s 2019. I can’t believe I have to say this, but here it goes: BOYS CAN DANCE.  One day after releasing a podcast episode with the creator of #MyBoyCan, a international movement founded by Sassy Harvey after her 4-year-old son was told he must be either “gay” or “a girl” because he attended dance class, […]

I Feel Pretty

Building Boys Featured Image

My 13- year-old son is wearing my prom dress, a pink, sparkly thing straight out of the 1990s. For some reason, my Mom held onto that dress for 20+ years. It hung in her closet, unloved, in limbo, for all those years. I certainly never asked her to hold onto the dress; prom, in my […]

Boys Can Dance Ballet Too

What if your son told you he wanted to dance? Not hip-hop, not jazz, not even ballroom — ballet. What would you say? More importantly, what would you think? Ballet remains, in most people’s minds, a girl thing. And because of that, most professional male ballet dancers come from outside of the United States. In […]

Boys Can Do Anything

Photo by malingering via Flickr

Equality is usually a world we hear in relationship to girls and women. The assumption is that boys and men have ruled the world for so long that there’s virtually nothing they can’t do. Except. Rigid role expectations still confine far too many boys (& men) to less-than-fulfilling lives. The Boy Code is still going […]

Learning Alongside

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Last night, I was priviledged to watch an amazing display of Native American dance at my husband’s annual company party. It might seem an unlikely pairing — Native dance at an office party for mostly Caucasian engineers? — but one of their employees is Native American. His grandfather worked for the Wild Bill West Show, […]