Creative Clutter

Are there blocks scattered about your living room? Random pieces of wood and nails on your garage floor? Before you holler, take a deep breath and read this post. (I know — the odds of you having your computer in the garage with you at this very moment are slim to none, but bear with […]

Tool Safety

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After my First Day of School post the other day, Christine at Origami Mommy asked if I had any tips for teaching boys how to use hacksaws safely. She brings up a very good point. Normally, young children aren’t given tools to use. Plastic tools? Maybe. A real life, straight-from-Home-Depot hacksaw? Not so such. But […]

Paper Airplane Preview

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Paper airplanes are almost the perfect boy toy. They’re cheap, entertaining, portable and endlessly amusing. This weekend, I’ll be presenting the “Let’s Fly Paper Airplanes” session at the Wisconsin Parents Association conference. The idea grew out of last year’s conference experience. Son #1 and Son #2 were deeply involved in a chess and checkers session; […]

Climbing Walls

Building Boys Featured Image

Here in Wisconsin, we’re waking up to below 0 weather. -2 degrees Farenheit, to be exact. Add in wind chill, and it feels more like -13. If we’re lucky, it might get all the way to 12 today.Weather like this is not exactly conducive to outdoor play. And when boys have been cooped up in […]