Is Screen Time Really All That Bad?

I’ll admit it: my kids’ screen time likely veers far closer to the “spends 8 hours a day with screens” category than to the “2 hours or less” recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I’ll also admit this: I’m not overly worried about their screen time. According to a recent hand-wringing New York Times article, I […]

A Merit Badge for Video Games?

Building Boys Featured Image

The Boy Scouts of America have added a new merit pin — for video gaming. Understandably, the blogosphere has lit up with criticism of the new award. Those critical of the idea complain that today’s boys already spend too little time outside, too much time gaming. They argue that today’s boys need little incentive to […]

Boys and Cell Phones

Boys and cell phones

Does your son have a cell phone? What are his favorite features? According to a 2010 study, boys are more likely than girls to use their cell phones for purposes other than communication. Boys are more likely to play music, share pictures, check email and play video games on their cellular phones. The researchers worry, […]

Snapshot Sunday: Many Moons Ago

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This Boy #1 — before he hit his growth spurt, before his baby teeth fell out and before Boy #4 was born and this room was converted into Boy #1’s bedroom. This is also what happens when you lose your camera. My camera has been missing for about three weeks, so I’m digging deep into […]