Raising A Black Son: A Fight to Flourish

Twenty-six years ago, a beautiful baby boy inducted me into parenting. His birth was not as difficult as TV dramas portrayed, but raising up my black son would be far more strenuous labor.  My adorable son was also a clingy baby, and it was a major feat to leave him in the church nursery or […]

Raising my Black Boys

Raising my sons has always been a pleasure. I don’t know when the flip switched from joy to fear, but I constantly balance the two in my hands and heart, both of which feel helpless at times. You see, my boys are getting older, and they no longer don the sweet, chubby faces of infancy. […]

What Black Boys Want: It’s Not as Complicated as You Think

So much is being written about Black boys and men that sometimes, as a Black woman and mother, it’s hard to separate my own feelings and thoughts from what I see, read and observe in the public sphere. As I research and study policy related to the Black community, particularly Black men and boys, I […]

Understanding (& Helping) Black Boys

group of African-American boys

On the whole, black boys fare worse that white boys on just about every measure: They are more likely to fail in schools, and more likely to drop out prior to graduation. They are less likely to attend (or graduate) from college, and less likely to land a good-paying job. They are more likely to […]

To Help Black Boys, Listen to Black Men

A note from Jennifer: A week ago, in light of the shooting deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile and 5 Dallas police officers, I re-shared my 2014 post, Why We Need To Worry About Black Boys. The response was generally positive, but I got comments like these too: When I think of the black kid who […]

Why We Need to Worry About Black Boys

We have a problem. A continuing, lingering, painful problem. Black moms and dads and grandparents throughout this country are looking at the sweet faces of their black boys with fear in their hearts. Today, black moms and dads and grandparents are looking at the black boys entrusted to their care and wondering how others will […]