Man Up

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Poet Guante, with a powerful piece that touches on the hidden (and hurtful) messages in the phrase, “man up.”

Virtual Book Club: The Achilles Effect

The best thing about blogging? Learning from other people online! Crystal Smith commented on my “Helping Boys in a Sex-Soaked Society” post. Like many of you, she’s concerned about the messages our boys receive from the popular culture. So concerned, in fact, that she wrote a book about it. The Achilles Effect: What Pop Culture […]

Boys and Hair, Part 3

I’ve blogged about Taylor Pugh before. Most recently, the long-haired little boy’s parents reached a compromise with the school district, agreeing to secure his hair up before sending him to class. According to his mom, Elizabeth, Taylor “looks a little like Princess Leia” with his new ‘do. Keep that in mind. In another school district, […]

A Braid Might Be The Answer

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Remember Taylor Pugh? According to his Texas school district, his hair is too long; therefore, the four-year-old (yes, 4-year-old) receives instruction separately from his classmates. Taylor’s parents asked the school board for a dress code exemption, but their request was denied. The Superintendent, however, mentioned a braid as a possibility, so Taylor’s mom braided his […]

Should Long Hair Keep a Boy Out of School?

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The Mesquite Independent School District in Texas thinks so. By now, you may have heard the story of four-year-old Taylor Pugh, a pre-kindergartener whose hair covers his eyes and sweeps his collar, in direct violation of the school district’s dress code. Of course, Taylor didn’t grow his hair long simply to piss off the school. […]

Boys Can Dance Ballet Too

What if your son told you he wanted to dance? Not hip-hop, not jazz, not even ballroom — ballet. What would you say? More importantly, what would you think? Ballet remains, in most people’s minds, a girl thing. And because of that, most professional male ballet dancers come from outside of the United States. In […]

Gender Disappointment

Apparently, some moms are very, very unhappy with their baby boys. According to an article first published in Elle, increasing numbers of American women are voicing their preference for a female child. At least some of those women are spending perfectly good money to enhance their chances. Some are paying for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, a procedure […]

Are Plastics Turning Boys Into Girls?

Ok, that might be a bit inflammatory. But the recent news that in-utero exposure to phthalates affects boys’ play preferences in preschool is big news all the same. The study tracked 145 pregnant women and, ultimately, their sons. Researchers measured the phthalate content of the mothers’ urine and then later asked the mothers questions about […]

Can Boys Nurse Babies?

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I stumbled across an interesting article by Amy Rawson today. Called “Raising Boys,” her article delineates her attempt to raise boys unfettered by society’s expectations of what a boy should be. Her boys, she says, are free to play with trucks and dolls, to sport long hair and to cry when they’re hurt. The part […]

Stereotypes Hurt Boys

  If you read the headlines, you might conclude that all boys are either violent or into sports. Today, my Google alert screams, “Teen to be tried as juvenille in Crofton boys’ death,” while also informing me that the Haddonfield boys soccer team blanked Gateway and that Rutger’s Miehe won the 2009 Metropolitan Championship.The headlines rarely, […]