The Truth About Parenting Teen Boys

Are all fourteen year old boys assholes? That’s the question a friend posed to me lately. She’s not the first to ask a version of that question, and I doubt she’ll be the last because something happens to our boys between the ages of 10 and 14. Those tween years aren’t easy; our formerly cuddly […]

Parenting Teen Boys Is…

…Finding deodorant in your freezer, and finding out that there’s a perfectly logical explanation. (“It was melting from being in my car, so I had to firm it up.”) ….Couch cushions on the floor two rooms away from their home couch, because….? … Finding hot chocolate mix & ice cream toppings on your counter at […]

Stop Stereotyping Teen Boys

A new research study shows that teen boys care more about establishing meaningful relationships than sexual exploits. Let that sink of for a moment. Now think about how our interactions with our boys might be different if we accepted that truth as reality, rather than accepting the stereotypical idea that teen boys want sex more […]

Teen Boys Eat A Lot

That’s the conclusion of a scientific study. I know, right? Tell us something we don’ t know! But the study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, could be reassurance for parents and teen boys in this day and age of eating disorders. While we tend to associate eating disorders, dieting and poor body […]

How Parenting Teenage Boys Prepared Me for a Pandemic

None of us expected this pandemic, save maybe a few epidemiologists and public health experts who “expected” it in the same way we all “expect” to die, which is to say that we know it will happen, but we have no idea when or how or what it will feel like. Three months or so […]

Teenage Boys are Awesome. And Awful.

Teenage boys are awesome. I was reminded of that fact this morning when I ran across this video online. Take a watch; it is entirely worth 3 minutes of your time. Isn’t that great? It’s teen boys at their best. Their talent and ability to cooperate, to work at hard things and to create is clearly […]

Effective Tips For Raising Responsible Boys

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Raising responsible boys is…not easy. We live in a society that prioritizes personal pleasure and satisfaction over responsibility — and our kids are surrounded by people who fail to take responsibility for their actions. Add on top of that boys’ immature, still-developing brains and that time crunch many of us parents face trying to balance […]

Managing Your Growing Boys’ Health

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Image Source Managing your boys’ health is a big responsibility. Of all the (many!) things you do as a parent, facilitating their good health and well-being is among the most important, as doing so will help them lead the happiest, healthiest and, hopefully, longest lives possible. Of course, there are countless areas to focus on, but […]

7 Ways Cartoons Inspire Your Boys To Achieve

Inspiration, by its very definition,  is the feeling of being mentally stimulated to do something. This can relate to a whole number of activities. People can feel inspired to exercise, to research the history of an invention, or to make a nice gesture for another individual. Individuals need to feel inspired in order to put […]

Strategies for When Your Teen Son Hates School

man in black jacket sitting on couch talking to teenage boy wearing a black hoodie

Pexels – CCO Licence What do you do with a teen son who hates school? First: Know you’re not alone. One of the biggest challenges many parents of teen boys face is the school issue. Although many teens can hate school for many reasons, it does seem to be a bit more common with boys, and […]