Six Things Every Father Should Teach His Son About Cars

Everyone knows that boys love their toys, but if there’s one thing that most fathers and sons have in common, it’s a fascination with cars. You may have already noticed that your son is interested in cars and all things with wheels from the time you bought him his first Matchbox car. For some boys, […]

Vacation Ideas That Will Appeal To Teens

Traveling as a family can be a really fun and rewarding experience as you get to spend uninterrupted time together. And with the busy lives we all normally lead, a trip gives you a chance to  relax, do some fun activities, and spend some quality time together. But the truth is that you want to […]

Growing Boys: How You Can Support The Process   Parenting boys can be a lot of fun – as you well know. But at the same time, you may find that you have to really work to get it right. That’s especially true for moms of boys. After all, you’re not male and don’t have firsthand understanding of some of the challenges […]

How to Deal with an Unmotivated Boy

Do you have an unmotivated boy? You’re not alone. If fact, according to the comments I hear from parents of boys all over the world, motivated boys are the aberration, especially in the tween and teen years. It’s far more common to hear things like: “My son is 15. He is completely unmotivated. He hates […]

3 Good Ways to Boost Your Boy’s Confidence

Image via Pixabay Raising boys can be difficult at the best of times. They’re typically noisy, boisterous, and highly likely to track mud all over the inside of the house. They scuffle and fight with each other, take silly risks, and can keep you up at all hours of the day and night. But none […]

4 Activities For Sons & Fathers To Bond

Pexels The best way to raise a strong son is to give him plenty of contact with a strong father. Mothers can of course teach sons to grow extremely well, but  there is no substitute for a father and his guidance. Many people might take offense to this, but this fact doesn’t suggest that mothers […]

Orienting Your Boy’s Priorities During The Teenage Years

Pexels   Boys can be distracted quite easily, due to their exploratory mindset and drive to find the next adventure. This tendency is excellent in their youth, but  must be tempered by a sense of orientation. Helping them plan their priorities as they come of age to understand them can help tremendously with their development. […]

4 Reasons Why Your Kids Should Pick Out Their Own Clothes

There comes a time in every parent’s life when it is time to stop picking out clothes for your kids and let them choose their own. Though it can be difficult to let go of this sense of control with your son, you will eventually decide that the time is right for them to make […]

Confidence Is Fragile, Help Your Child’s Get Stronger

Psychologists have demonstrated that many of the insecurities that adults face are actually the result of your experience as a child. Children who have not been able to develop their self-confidence grow into anxious adults who often struggle with self-esteem issues. However, as a parent, it’s fair to say that you can’t be monitoring your […]

What Instruments Are Great For Your Child To Learn?

Teaching your child to play an instrument, or paying for music lessons, is a great idea. There are lots of different studies that prove playing instruments is beneficial for young children. According to this article on, improved academic and social skills are just two of the many amazing benefits. Which instruments are great for […]