Why You Need to Read “Moral Combat”

The answer, in 4 words: Because you have boys. The answer, in 14 words: Because you have boys, and video games are a big part of boy culture. The slightly longer, more philosophical answer: Because many of the things you think and know about video games just aren’t so.  The popular narrative around video games, […]

How the War on Video Games is Hurting Your Son

Patrick Markey knows video games. He grew up in the mid-1980s, during what he calls “the Golden Era of video games, when arcades were everywhere.” Today, he’s a gamer, parent and psychologist who has spent the last 10 years researching the effects of video games. He’s also co-author of the recently-released book Moral Combat: Why the […]

Is Screen Time Really All That Bad?

I’ll admit it: my kids’ screen time likely veers far closer to the “spends 8 hours a day with screens” category than to the “2 hours or less” recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. I’ll also admit this: I’m not overly worried about their screen time. According to a recent hand-wringing New York Times article, I […]

The Link Between Freedom & Video Games

How many have you have complained about the amount of time your boys play video games? I have, and so has nearly every other parent of boys I know. We complain about the number of hours our boys spend glued to screens, and yet…I’m beginning to think that we’re a big part of the problem. […]

On Boys, Video Games and Setting Boundaries

Many times parents will come up to me and say, “Warren, I don’t know what to do. I invite my son to dinner and he’s wrapped up in video games. He says he’s going to come in a minute and a minute turns into half an hour. We keep reminding him and saying that dinner […]


‘Member this? Merry Christmas! You are now the proud owner of an iPhone. Hot Damn! You are a good and responsible 13-year-old boy and you deserve this gift. But with the acceptance of this present comes rules and regulations.  Shortly after Janell Burley Hofmann published that post — complete with an 18-point contract — the […]

Why Boys Play Video Games

We don’t like it when boys do this so they do this  This makes us nervous So they do this We tell boys, Be Careful! and Get Down! So they do this We say No More! and Too Dangerous! So they do this We wring our hands and wonder Why won’t our boys go outside? […]

Video Games and Socialization

It used to drive me crazy to see a group of boys clustered around a screen. Before my boys got iPods (used, and purchased with their own money), I used to judge the boys who clustered in corners and played video games on their screens and devices at their older brothers’ basketball games. There they’d […]

Tips for Guiding Teens’ Use of Social Media

When it comes to teens, parents often regard social media as an initially invited, but now out-of-control houseguest that needs to get out! Firing off hundreds (and in some extreme cases, close to a thousand) of texts daily, obsessive FB posting  and tweeting, narcissistic levels of snapping and posting selfies on Instagram…it gets to be […]

Everything You Need to Know About Video Games

If boys are part of your life, video games are too. I don’t think I know a parent (or educator) of boys who doesn’t worry about boys and video game usage. Sure,we want our kids to have fun, and more than any other generation, we get that video games are fun. We grew up with […]