Here’s How To Keep Your Boys Safe At Home

When it comes to safety, we can do much to support the welfare of our children.  From teaching them the basics of road safety to promoting safe rough and tumble play, we can ensure they don’t come to any harm when away from us. There is much we can do at home too, as while […]

Talking About Coronavirus

How are you talking about coronavirus with your kids? I was prepared (mostly) for the sex talk. (Lots of sex talks.) And we’ve had lots of conversations about drinking, drugs, vaping, relationships, respect and a zillion other things. I hadn’t given any thought to how I’d discuss an infectious, emerging global pandemic, though. Yes, health […]

Help for Drug Addiction

The word "addiction," outlined in pink

  Addictions And The Damage They Cause Can Be Overcome If You Take The Right Steps Life comes with ups and downs. There will always be stressors and difficulties to deal with and overcome in life. Unfortunately, some among us turn to drugs and/or alcohol to cope with their struggles and escape the pain in […]

Helping Your Boys Through Difficult Times Just Got a Little Bit Easier!

Being a parent can be the most wonderful thing in the world, but it is also stressful and worrying. There are so many things that you need to watch out for when you are raising kids, and especially boys. Boys are typically less emotionally aware than girls, and this can lead to difficulties in expressing […]

Alternative Sports You & Your Boy Will Love To Do Together

For the most part, young boys love sports. They love contact sports, non-contact sports, group sports, solo sports – if there is a sport to be involved with, a little boy will dive right in. And why not? They’re great for building fitness, promoting teamwork and building self-esteem. Getting involved in sports can also help […]

3 Essentials for Nurturing Your Boys’ Passion for Sports

As a parent to boys, you will have to deal with changing tastes and interests, but one thing is likely: sports will play a role at some point. So many boys have a passion for all different kinds of sports, and this passion could develop into something much greater. As a parent, you have to […]

How To Support Your Boys In Sports

Being a parent of boys is (almost always) a lot of fun. Sports can be a great way to channel boys’ energy — and a great way to bond and build social skills and confidence.  Whether you trial your boys out with different sports from a young age, or you let them find their way […]

Teaching Consent to a 12-Year-Old Boy

The word “consent” has crept to the forefront of national conversation lately, thanks to the #MeToo movement and allegation after allegation after allegation of inappropriate behavior by famous (and not-so-famous) men. Even God, a.k.a, Morgan Freeman, has now been accused of sexual harassment. None of this was on my mind when I received an email […]

Dealing With Difference: Helping A Child Who Stands Out

Throughout life, people tell you to embrace your unique qualities. To celebrate the way you look and what you feel about different topics. These are lessons which most parents want to give to their children. But some differences are hard for a child to celebrate, and for some kids, standing out is their worst nightmare. […]

Here’s How You Keep Your Teen Safe on the Road

Nearly every parent dreams about being able to buy their young teen a car. They also dream of being able to really support them through their driving lessons and eventually handing over the keys to the car. But unfortunately, boys like to push the limits, and this is even the case when it comes to […]