How Are Boys’ Learning Styles Different From Girls’?

How much do you know about boys’ learning styles? In order to teach boys effectively, it’s important to understand how they learn. Some say the best way to help underachieving boys is to treat them like girls and take the same approach to teaching them, but that’s the last thing you want to do because […]

How To Encourage Learning In Your Household

You want what’s best for your boys. You want to set them up with all the life skills they’ll need to go out into the big wide world. Start at home.  It’s easier to encourage learning and curiosity than you may think! Here are some helpful tips to encourage learning within your household: Ensure They’re […]

Let The Boys Learn

True story: Two first grade boys were waiting to use the restroom and decided to kill some time by reading the words on the wall. They wanted to see who knew the most words. (Boys like to compete). This was a risk as it was “Quiet Time” in the hall. One of the boys began […]

Boys vs Girls: Teaching Strategies

Image Source A mixed learning environment can have lots of benefits. But some teaching strategies may not apply well to both genders. The way that both boys’ and girls’ brains tick is different. Here are some ways of getting boys to learn that differ from girls. Keep boys active Boys will often fidget more in […]

Show Me the Money! A Math Guessing Game

Money is pretty irresistible to kids, and managing it is, of course, a crucial life skill. Not surprisingly, then, it’s a standard part of most first grade curricula, and teachers help kids gain familiarity with it in all sorts of creative ways. Here’s an irresistible guessing game that will help your kid recognize pennies, nickels, […]

BuildingBoys Book Club: Why Don’t Students Like School?

My 10-year-old hates school. My 13-year-old isn’t exactly fond of it either. (He’s constantly asking if he can do online school instead.) And I’m co-hosting a webinar entitled “Help! My Son Hates School!” later this month. No wonder Daniel Willingham’s book, Why Don’t Students Like School? A Cognitive Scientist Answers Questions About How The Mind […]

Why Boys Might Not Be Paying Attention To Your Lesson

Why is it that so many boys daydream or doze off during your class? Is it really that bad? The short answer is ‘no’. The longer answer is that things might need to be addressed in your classroom so that you can reach boys who are struggling for a wide array of reasons. Reasons for […]

Helping “The Last Boys Picked” Survive in Sports-Obsessed Schools

In the agonizing moments before their names are called, those last boys picked for the kickball or basketball team during gym, or its un-legislated twin—recess—are getting a tutorial in what it means to be considered a liability. Alternating turns, the team captains—boys chosen for their athletic prowess or popularity or both—pick from among the rest […]

Embracing Montessori at Home and How It Can Benefit Your Little Ones

When your children aren’t old enough to be at preschool, it can be hard to know how to keep them busy. You might go to toddler groups or arrange playdates with friends. It can be tricky to get the balance right, though. How much should be fun and how much should be learning? When they […]

Are Boys Discriminated Against in Education?

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I love talking about boys & education. So when Evan Hanson, a father, writer and marriage and family therapist, invited me to participate in his new podcast series, 936 Weeks to Manhood, I eagerly accepted. I’m so glad I did. Evan is smart and witty and clearly cares about boys. During our conversation (which is Episode 3 […]