3 Ways Professional Test Prep Helps Your Child Ace the SHSAT

Student filling in standardized test bubbles

  In New York, a world-class education is about so much more than a good quality college education. The process of preparing young minds to lead extraordinary lives actually starts at one of the area’s prestigious specialized high schools. However, knowing your child has the brains and ability to take full advantage of such an […]

Helping Boys to Succeed in School

Image source It is a scientific fact that boys’ and girls’ brains develop differently.  Because of this fact, the way they learn at school is different, although not many schools take much notice of this.  In the US, the public education system has been the same for more than 100 years, and you need to […]

Planning For Your Boy’s Future

Image Credit There is a lot that needs to be considered when you are planning for your boy’s future, from helping him decide on the right path to choosing his schools. It can seem overwhelming but there is no need to panic. Read on to discover some important pieces of advice. Choosing a school It’s […]

How To Encourage Your Son When He Shows An Entrepreneurial Side

Image Credit Although attitudes are steadily changing from the old way of thinking that all children had to go to school, study hard, go to college, study harder, and then come out and land themselves a good job, the school system hasn’t quite caught up and attitudes are also not quite where they need to […]

In Praise of the Class Clown

Like all good students, I learned that the “class clown” is a bad kid, a kid who doesn’t take school seriously and is definitely not destined for success. Then I had four sons. I began to see the many ways institutional education stifles boys’ natural inclinations toward exploration, and the many ways in which boys […]

10 Ways To Get Your Kids Prepared For School

Image Source Is your son ready to begin school?  For a child that isn’t mature enough, school can be a huge shock to the system. It requires discipline, concentration, an ability to socialise and a certain level of independence. There are lots of steps that you can take as a parent to get your child […]

Why Your Son’s Learning Style Matters

Do you remember the information you were taught in primary school? Of course, we all have a basic memory of what we learned – seeing as we can, for the most part, read, write and count. But do you remember the actual lessons that you were taught? There’s a very good chance that a big […]

Nursing Is a Great Career for Men, and Make Sure Your Boys Know It!

When most people think of nurses, they picture females. That’s because, as children, most of us learned that women are nurses and men are doctors. But, even though you may have been taught this misconception when you were growing up, it doesn’t mean you need to teach your children it. More to the point, it […]

Helping Your Child To Think School Is Cool

The goal is not to come out with lines such as “learning is fun”. As a child, learning isn’t always fun. We all remember that. We all might’ve had a few subjects that piqued our interest enough for us to retain attention during lessons, but we all definitely remember those lessons during which it was […]

The College Conundrum

When kids go to college, they don’t always make the wisest choices. Deciding factors on courses and location often center around what their friends are doing. Plus, after the stresses of school, many just want to study things which they enjoy. And, who can blame them?  Picture Credit But unless your son is one of […]