Building Boys & Learning During a Pandemic

Learning during a pandemic is challenging.  Hell — LIVING during a pandemic is challenging. But you already know that. The chaos, confusion and sense of overwhelm are likely intimately familiar to you now. What you want — need –– are answers. Answers that will help you figure out how to keep your boys learning during a […]

What About School?

What about school? is the question on everyone’s minds right now. It’s on the minds of school district administrators, teachers, parents, legislators, school staff…everyone, really. There is an upside to this near-universal questioning. For the first time in the 20 years I’ve been raising kids (including the 10 years I’ve been covering education as a […]

Overwhelmed by Homeschooling? I Was Too.

You are not the only one who is overwhelmed by homeschooling. I wrote these words on January 24, 2005, shortly after we pulled our oldest son, Nathan, out of first grade at semester: I’m a state of shock.  It’s our first day homeschooling, and I have no rhythm, no flow, no sense of managing my […]

Learning at Home

Learning at home can be fun. Right now, a lot of parents are freaking out at the prospect of schooling their kids while also working from home. And wondering if it’s even possible to do both without going crazy. It’s possible. In fact, it can be be downright wonderful. I homeschooled our boys for 7 […]

5 Ways To Boost Your Son’s Literacy Skills

For several years there’s been much study into boys vs. girls’ literacy enjoyment and success. According to a survey in Psychology Today, 52% of boys (compared with 72% of girls) said that they enjoyed reading books in the summer holidays. The study also reported that just 27% of boys said they liked to read books […]

The Best Ways To Reinforce Your Sons’ Education

Boy & girl doing homework at table

Parents want to do as much as they can to help their boys grow up into well-rounded and well-educated individuals. One way parents can really make a big difference is by helping to reinforce the education their children get in school. The more information and skills your boys develop throughout their schooling will increase their […]

Math Help – Calculating Basic Values for Circles

art circles close up view

The Oxford Dictionary defines the circle is, “a round plane figure whose boundary (the circumference) is equidistant from a fixed point.” Wikipedia calls it “a simple closed shape.” In his treatise, “The Elements,” Euclid defined it this way: “A circle is a plane figure bounded by one line, and such that all right lines drawn […]

Helping Your Son to Succeed in School

silhouette of boy reading in sunset

  When you bring children into the world, then there are so many different aspects that you have to think about. From the early days and the sleepless nights, to helping them thrive, grow, and learn, the job of a parent never stops. And as your children get older and they are at school, playing […]

3 Ways Professional Test Prep Helps Your Child Ace the SHSAT

Student filling in standardized test bubbles

  In New York, a world-class education is about so much more than a good quality college education. The process of preparing young minds to lead extraordinary lives actually starts at one of the area’s prestigious specialized high schools. However, knowing your child has the brains and ability to take full advantage of such an […]

Helping Boys to Succeed in School

Image source It is a scientific fact that boys’ and girls’ brains develop differently.  Because of this fact, the way they learn at school is different, although not many schools take much notice of this.  In the US, the public education system has been the same for more than 100 years, and you need to […]