The Everyday Challenges of Raising Boys

Jennifer L.W. Fink, Janet Allison & Michael C. Reichert hold up copies of the book How to Raise a Boy

The hardest thing about raising boys, in my opinion, is dealing with the myriad challenges that present themselves every. single. day. I’ve been parenting boys for more than two decades now and there’s not a day that goes by that I’m not presented with some situation that I don’t quite know how to handle. My […]

Reasons Why Your Son Might Be Behaving Badly At School

Angry boy in red shirt

(flickr) It’s the moment every parent dreads. The phone rings or a letter drops into the mailbox, and it’s news from the school that their child is behaving badly at school. In less extreme cases, the parent might be notified of their child’s upcoming detention, and they might be asked to meet with the class […]

On Graduation & Growing

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My second son graduates from high school in five days. I thought I was ready. After all, this isn’t my first go-’round. I’ve already graduated one son from high school and stood by as he launched himself into the world. Unlike many of my peers, I didn’t feel sorrow at his leaving; I felt great […]

Help for Drug Addiction

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  Addictions And The Damage They Cause Can Be Overcome If You Take The Right Steps Life comes with ups and downs. There will always be stressors and difficulties to deal with and overcome in life. Unfortunately, some among us turn to drugs and/or alcohol to cope with their struggles and escape the pain in […]

When Boys Refuse to Do “Stupid” Homework

Boy doing homework

  What do you do with a son who refuses to do this homework? Especially a son who refuses out of principle — a son who most certainly could do the homework, but has decided it’s not worth his time and energy? This is not a rhetorical question. This is a question I have faced […]

3 Ways Professional Test Prep Helps Your Child Ace the SHSAT

Student filling in standardized test bubbles

  In New York, a world-class education is about so much more than a good quality college education. The process of preparing young minds to lead extraordinary lives actually starts at one of the area’s prestigious specialized high schools. However, knowing your child has the brains and ability to take full advantage of such an […]

Vaping, Living With & Talking to Boys

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In April, we talked about vaping, living with & talking to boys on On Boys podcast. We also talked about learning to trust yourself as a parent. And now that I think about, those seemingly diverse topics have more in common than we first realized… Hear me out. A solid base of reliable information and […]

Stop Assuming Boys Are Bad

“Something unexpected happened…” That’s the lead-up to this CBS New story about a middle school boy who befriended a 5 year old with autism: It’s supposed to be a simple feel-good story, the kind the news feeds us every now and then to remind us that all is not lost and that there is still […]

Age 16 & Learning to Let Go

Getting his license was the easy part. Standing back and figuring out how to when to step in and when to step back…THAT was  — is — the hard part. Isn’t that the hard part of parenting, in general? Maybe that’s why I found the baby years easy. When you have an infant who needs […]

Must-Read Books About Boys

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. In other words: I may receive a small commission if you purchase any of these books through a link on this page.  If you’re parenting or teaching boys, you need every advantage you can get. The more you know about the way boys think, develop and […]